Friday, November 18, 2011

So i fell like a girl from a balance beam

Guess what we're doing today? blogging! omg!

So ive been a very, very naughty girl... i had a legit reason to not blog all summer, as i was staying at my parents house and didnt have my computer, but i swore i would start again when i got my own place in sartell in september. and here we are. november. bad, bad girl. and not in a fun way. 

Things have happened, and things havent. I cant really describe. heres a shitton of pictures. 

i had dreads for a while in the summer. they were really awesome, beautiful handmade dreads off ebay. super heavy though. im putting them back in this winter as a permanent hat. 

i was in the crazy hospital for a while. they gave me this mysterious bob barker soap. like i needed that extra push over the edge into insanity.

bitchin snakeskin heels. ive never actually worn these anywhere, but i keep them next to my computer for those awesome moments when you like, hear good news from a boy and need to do an awww yeah, crank up some sexy music, light a cigarette, swig some wine and prance around knowing how awesome you are. i actually do this. occasionally. i need to wear them on a date like, soon. either these or my lipstick red pointy heels are going on my next date with me *taps nails impatiently waiting for boy to call*

i went to rocky horror with my peeps jackie, amy and misty. we are beautiful and sexy and dont hang out enough.

it was geek appriciation rocky horror, as it was right after CONvergence in minneapolis. i was expecting costumes, however i was NOT expecting there to be FREAKING DALEKS and a rather hot doctor at the end of the show. there was much plunger gesticulating, it was amazing. i was shrieking. my friends did not understand. 

i got some new tattoos this summer. this is the first of hopefully many junko mizuno tats, and my first semi-explicit tattoo. she needs more color, STILL, because this blog is not the only thing that i procrastinate on.

i got a darth vader tattoo too!! i decided to just say fuck it and get going on the really geeky tattoos. whatve i got to lose. this is just a stencil, i oddly dont have any pics on my computer of the finished dark lord. the shading on it is totally insane. my tattoo artist Peter McLeod is a genius.

this is the best thing about my new apartment. the totally insane walk in closet. seriously a large part of why i signed the lease. this is like, less than a quarter of the floor space. i can get all of my seasonal shoes out at once, which is impressive. these are half the summer shoes.

a kind of blurry photograph trying to capture the whole closet. its a really weird shape so its hard to can see my tall hooker boots on the top <3

this is an absolutely fucking disgusting thing that i found in my chipotle barbacoa burrito. fork for scale. this is tough, rubbery, impossible to bite through. im thinking its either skin or intestines. it was seriously the grossest thing ive ever put in my mouth. MOST FOUL. it still freaks me the fuck out. im almost positive it has some kind of sentience... i wouldnt even leave it in the garbage overnight, i took that sucker straight outside. 

dora doesnt sleep. dora waits.

i was conversing on facebook when a heavenly portal opened up in my browser, and lo, paget brewsters boobs appeared.

this is pretty much what ive been doing the past few months. being lazy and angsty, reading clive barker, sighing. 

more of the sexy shoes, plus tattoos and a gang sign.

my friend joshifer and i had a thing where we get together every week or two, get drunk and watch anime and youtube videos. its perfectly awesome/lame. this lead to literally hours and hours of watching AMV hell on youtube. im not even going to glorify that with an explanation of what AMV hell is. finding it as funny as i do might mean that im retarded. especially given that i watched like three hours of it alone, with wine, as pictured.

theres a lot of this. its dead silent, and the penguin just slowly and dramatically tips the bucket over. words cant describe. obviously, because that sounds fucking retarded. 

things have been weird lately. in the end i guess you just hope the highs eventually outweigh the lows. im in the shit now though, i cant really go back, and im doing the thing i ultimately really love to do despite the madness. you should really be reading my twitter. you will never consider me sane again.

the aforementioned friend josh just left for california today, unfortunately for good :'( im super sads about it. hes one of my best friends, possibly the friend i actually hang out with the most. as a parting gift, i received his highly enviable collection of mcdonalds sauces. it is a thing of beauty.

he had them in a drawer in his apartment. i could only continue the tradition. this is the best use of a kitchen drawer ever. 

will miss you bro. and your glass that can hold two full size sparks. however, it does not make them taste any better. 

more stuffs to come. i have a few specific events that need their own posts. i promise ill come back sooner than six months. love you!! 


  1. God I love your madness! Please blog more. Or just magically appear in Oregon so we can hang out some.

  2. How did you not tell me about the magic boobs?
    i mean it happened while you were talking to meeee! lol

    <3 I'll be back in
    November if nothing changes, and you'll have to force you parents to come vacation >_>