Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Gumdrops for the Troops

Craperella. i have been sleeping at the most awkard times lately, like 9pm to 7am. what the fuck time is that to sleep? it goes against my nocturnal nature. so now im trying to write a blog about absolutely nothing.

in a fit of weirdness i shaved off two-thirds of my hair, and since it is currently four below im in need of way more hats. big hats. ridiculous hats. uber warm hats.

its a hoodie scarf hat! my mom got me this sweet little knit number for xmas.

and it has pompoms! poms have long been my obsession, ever since i found a scarf with huge white poms on the ends at Rue21, held them up to my ex boyfriends face and yelled "ITS INUYASHAS BALLS!!!" they still reminds me of fuzzy testes, in the most awesome way [now is probably a good time to clarify that i am NOT a furry].

of course i am never satisfied with just ONE new thing, so i went and bought my first totally bitchin trapper hat. for the last few years ive been on the fence about whether i want to buy one, and have been searching for one with a decidedly non-woodsy motif. and haha! hearts! i love me some hearts.

super cute, ne? i literally put it on the second i left Target [GIRLCRACK!], which ugh, im totally kicking myself over.... ok so i come up to the checkout with my basket of dollar zone stuffed animals and post its [GIRAFFE and ROBOT post its btw... target has taken a page right out of my brain and made lots of their vday stuff robot themed!! i need to put my tinfoil hat on], lint rollers and other shit i had to buy to make myself feel better for not finding Dollhouse season 1, and my gorgeous hat. the girl scanned everything, got to the hat at the bottom and said "is this yours?" and im like yessss... its in my basket, no? and shes like, are you buying it or is it your hat? and LIKE AN IDIOT I WAS LIKE "OH, IM BUYING IT." yes, i am too dumb to snag a free hat. quick on my feet, im not. but oh well, not like it wasnt worth whatever i paid for it.

kyooot. yes, i am vain and enjoy takin pictures of myself. the coat is from target also, about two years ago, and its one of my favorites. the brooch/medal is also from target, i got a bunch of them for like $2 on clearance and i love the way they make my coats look all fancy. also pictured somewhere in there is an iggy pop pin ive had FOREVER and treasure. i think i got it at urban outfitters when i was a little velvet goldminer in high school.

random: so on my street they tore out the Hooters and are almost done building st clouds first White Castle! im excited and a little afraid!! excited about more drunk drive thru options... afraid because Jackie, my best face-cramming buddy and burger addict, refuses to eat there with me for fear/pooping reasons. bad omen??? but you know i give everything a fair shot, so i am excited to try it... in fact i need to do a new burger tour and hit the Five Guys and the mysterious Best Burger Ever.

so the point of my story is that my friend Lynn made an amusing FB post noting that while the White Castle is fully built and looks almost done inside, they have yet to take down the Hooters sign. says Lynn: "I think it's going to be some sort of hybrid... White Hooters... Or Hooter Castle." i like white hooters as thats what i have and theyre quite lovely, and ive enjoyed quite a few white hooters in my day... but its not very inclusive. i do enjoy other types of hooters. all of which im guessing would be found at the HOOTER CASTLE, a magical place where all our dreams come true!!

now im going to be kind of disappointed when they just serve burgers.

im quite tempted to turn this into a foodblog post, as ive pretty much given up on my Nom Mitten blog. heres some foodie-type things.

i had the privelege of spending much of christmas day hanging out with my cousins 10 year old son Casey, who proudly showed me this totally fucking amazing gingerbread house he made. it was initally just a regular boring old gingerbread house, but part of the roof collapsed and the little fucking genius got out his army men and made it into this awesome fort under attack or something.

according to Caseys explaination, theres a gingerbread man inside and theyre trying to rescue him from terrorists.

i told him i was sending it to my friends and he wanted me to ask them what they thought of it on a scale of 1-10. my boo Luke confirmed that this gingerbread hovel goes up to 11. Casey also wanted me to post it on youtube [though its just pictures...?] and wanted to know "if the troops would like it." OMFG kids are the best. normally im like GAH CHILDREN but ive found i get along well with 3 year old girls [we both like kitties and food] and 10 year old boys [we both like blood and guts and superheroes]. 

ok i think ill spare you the pics of the fajitas i got from La Casita that came with a mysterious green sauce. maybe i will reactivate the foodblog. you know i love to talk about the shit i eat.

now for Good News!Bad News.

good news is one of my all time best boos Jackie is moving in with me sometime this month! i am super duper excited. it'll save both of us some money but the best part is we're going to have a super pimp pad and we're going to have some much fun! geeking out in our little mini-LAN area, sharing our wealth of movies and geeky tv shows, and of course eating lots of weird shit together. oh and hanging out with her insane cats, Oscar and Poppy. Oscar is a big gay retard and Poppy is a crazy old mountain hag cat. stay tuned for hijinks!

bad news is my other best boo Amy B's dad is in the hospital on life support for liver failure :'( my boo and i have had a great year reconnecting after not speaking for a while and it breaks my heart to see this happening to her. especially after Jackie just went through losing her dad this fall. why do bad things keep happening to my friends???? I HATE IT!! i wish there was something i can do. so everybody keep amy and her family in your prayers, even if you are a pagan heathen like me. LOVE YOU TOO MUCH, HUGS MY BESTICLE.

sorry to end on such a downer note. heres a parrot pouring creamer to make you feel better.

love you truly,
Jesika Lin

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