Thursday, February 3, 2011

Classy As Fuck

should i be trying to post when im this tired? we'll find out. it'll probably be mostly pictoral.

i went to lane bryant the other day for the first time in about a year. i dont go in often because i worked there for three years and ive spent way too many hours of my life inside that little mall cubicle. but they have revamped a lot of aspects of their business, they have a new logo, new credit card system and less seperation between the other brands [fashion bug catherines etc] on their website, so things are lot more user friendly. aaaaand i got a new LB credit card so i had lots of money to spend, and i needed bras and panties like mad! most of my bras and panties are from when i worked there and i left in december of 2007, so shit is getting pretty worn. NEW PANTY TIME OMG!!!!

twas the perfect time to go since they had all their valentines day styles out. VDAY PANTIES ARE THE BEST!! when i worked there i always bought the whole line every year. the cotton hipsters are even cuter than they used to be because they have this ruffle trim now.

and they had one of my favorite motifs in the world, chandeliers. i dont like them much IRL but ive loved chandelier prints ever since i got this awesome fuschia and black wrapping paper at old navy years ago. these are definately going to be one of my new favorite pairs.

also got this way cutes apple print! so unexpected. i was wearing my jammies last night when i did these pics, sorry. 3am idea.

i got 5 cotton hipsters and 5 "sexy panties" from the clearance bin. im always on the lookout for a) sexy panties to wear on dates and b) panties to wear under skirts and dresses that lie flat. i found lots of both of those so im a happy kitty, including some awesome microfiber hipsters with lace print, yays.

bra time!! people whove been in my bedroom/bathroom always comment on how many bras i have, as i have this 4-coathook thing hanging over my door that probably has 30ish bras on it. but i swear i hardly wear any of them! i should throw some out. theyre mostly from 3-4 years ago too. lots of useless ill fitting walmart bras. so i got 4 new puppies in my actual size [42DD] at the LB and im super happy! theyre all sexy as heck and their bras have gotten way more comfortable! i feel like they all have a little more coverage and better fit. these were all on sale too, $19.99 each! regularly $34.50 so its a good deal.

ive never been the type to get black, white, or god forbid nude bras [although you have to have at least one nude bra for those white/sheerish shirts... i have a pink lace trimmed one though ;)]. the thing i like about clearance bras is its usually the weird colors left over and those are the ones i like! so i got this sweet orange sherbert colored one. LB has redone their lace too and now its super soft and lies super flat so its not visable under shirts, its awesome. forgive my laziness, i didnt put any of these on i just held them up.

i love a good leopard print. this is probably my 6th leopard bra, at least. i was once told [by "evil jackie," a total cuntypie] that "leopard print can never be classy." duh it totally fucking can! sometime ill show you my sweet leopard and black patent purse with gold details, its the classiest purse i own, CLASSY AS FUCK. this bra may not be too classy but thats how i roll in the bedroom, kay?

a bright purple bra is also needed to match my glasses.

brastache! i look like brian the bartender. this is probably my new everyday bra, its gray and super smooth microfiber, with a black lace trim that adds that little sexiness. its that shape that makes it a perfect tee shirt bra.

im going back to bed. i love you kittens. mr x-face the birth control pack loves you too.

hearts and hugs,
Jesika Gothowitz
[devoted to my secret boyfriend, Howard Wolowitz xoxoxox mini-boo]

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