Friday, February 11, 2011

The Moustache Lurks Tonite

booze & drugs... thats how we roll in the shire. look at what a classy fucking bitch i am. blogging with one hand.... sipping fucking merlot with the other. also a little high. we'll see how this goes.

so i got some stuff from target today, with the giftcard from my lovely sister.

domo tee shirt!! im not a huge fan of this whole hipster "moustache" trend of putting fucking staches on everything, but it works on domo because domo is fucking awesome. and i need a domo shirt. he's leaping! and yelling as always AHHHHHHHHHHH!

phone case that is actually probably impractical but its so cute and im getting a new phone tomorrow and i want my phone to have accessories and presents too.

nail polishes! ive been obsessed with nail polishes since i was 13. whenever we would go to elk river i would make my mom stop at maurices so i could get a new nail polish. i was always jealous of my friend jen because no matter how many i got she always had more than me! i was a very covetous child, ive always been a horrible person actually. anyways the obsession has continued and i always have my nails painted a bright or dark color. im always in search of "the new color," some idea i have in my mind and i can rarely find the exact color to match what im envisioning and i have to comparison shop a bunch of brands. its times like that i think i shouldve been an artist because there are so many things in my head im desperate to put out there. anyways i really like these new wet and wild fast dry polishes because of the interesting colors. the one on the bottom i got tonight, im loathe to tell you the name because its really stupid... "everybody loves Redmond." wtf. lets not name colors after terrible tv shows ok?? it looks rather corally in this pic but irl its red orange which is a color family ive been looking at for a while. its not *exactly* what i have in mind, im looking for more tomato-y red but still a touch orangish, but its very close and a super vibrant fun nail color. i got a new topcoat too [also ISO the perfect top coat to make my polish last, i have thin nails that bend so the polish flakes... working up to buying seche vite] so theyre super shiny.

i was at ye olde walsmart last night and they had just put out some awesome military/goth jewellery!! ive got no shame, i buy the cheap walmart shit and i think it looks awesome... yeah it looks a little cheap and teenybopperish but i think i make it work the way i mix it. plus goth shit is just how i roll no matter how cheap it is. and my brain is always like LOOK EARRINGS WITH A BUNCH OF SHIT ON THEM, LETS BUY EM!! im easy to please. i could never be a label whore.

totally dug this super heavy lock with a skull cameo on it. sorry this picture is SO SHITTY, i really hope when i get my new phone it takes better pictures. this one is out of focus all the time and the light always sucks.

 moi in the necklace. wearing my my favorite of my many cardigans [ive been a cardigan girl since 1998], a black and white striped with red jones new york one that i got at savers thrift store for like $9. it was a twinset but the tank it too small for me [DAMMIT, its cute too]. the shirt im wearing under it here looks fucked up because its a sleeveless dress, and yes ive got a bit of fat girl armpit overhang, but dammit i like this dress. its long and tiered, and super comfy cotton. i was wearing it over pants cuz its cold.

i really dig these earrings! super cute! i love skulls with bows. i should really get a girly skull tattoo sometime.

ok... heres another thing i feel fucking terrible about. i bought an ed hardy perfume. i really do abhorr all things ed hardy, as i am a genuinely tattooed person [i guess that makes sense and sounds really elitist... i mean i appriciate the tattoo as an art form, put a lot of thought into my tattoos and dont like things to be generic, and i consider it my "lifestyle" if that doesnt sound too ghey] and i think ed hardy is for posers who want to be "cool" without the commitment. but i guess thats what happens when a subculture goes mainstream, things get commericalized and you get the old school elitists who want to seperate themself from the n00b who can walk in off the street and just buy a tee shirt representing that subculture. its kind of sad but then again it goes hand in hand with public acceptance and its a price to pay for the ability that many [but not all] of us have to have a public service job while tattooed or peirced.

ANYWAYS sorry about the modculture rant... i could talk about that for days, also im high and a tad upset so feeling ranty. anyways i like the design on this bottle and ive been wanting to try an ed hardy fragrance without paying a high price. this travel spray bottle was only $12, compared to the $15 ive been procrastinating paying at Ulta for a roller ball fragrance. i do like the scent, its very fruity, but it smells a lot like the flirt!flirtatious fragrance i got around christmastime. i might go back and buy one of the other ed hardy varieties, they have a few and i wasnt sure the differences and the little bottles werent well labelled... as you can see on the package you cant tell what variety it is, i had to look online to see its Hearts & Daggers. with some checking on Fragrantica it looks like i might like Love & Luck more, some of the notes are pink pepper and bergamont, which is one of my favorite scents. bergamonts such a unique scent, spicy and fruity at the same time, and for some reason very tragically english to me, like the heroines in Waterhouse paintings. uggh im having weird rambling thoughts...

poppy the crazy old mountain hag cat, doin what she does best... lurkin. loomin. sneezing on the back of your neck.

thats all ive got tonight.... interesting events have occurred and that irl shit has called me away. keep it real.


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