Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Klingon Boggle[Pubococcygeal Cast blinded me with science]

hey! sorry ive been super absentee lately. uhhhh roommate stuff, laziness, birthday stuff, actual boyfriend.... that makes it sound like im really busy but ive mostly been just sleeping and watching big bang theory and dollhouse. due to this laziness that seems to be preventing me from actually blogging, ive started a tumblr where i can dump all the photos first so you can see them in a somewhat timely manner. ive noticed a lot of my favorite blogatrices have these and theyre pretty awesome. heres agent lover's and the girl who ate everything's [omg robyn and kare from norway are dating now!!!! its like a foodblog soap opera, squee! [you probably dont care... but you should read her, and you should care, your life will be better for it]]

ummm should i actually post stuff? its 4am and i still want to cut and dye my hair before i go to bed because im going to barnes and noble with the lovely Emily W. from fantasy gifts tomorrow to look at teen vampire novels and stuff. i haz a new dorky friend lolz... we spend like three hours over valentines playing celebrity name games, and the beeotch got me hooked on reading the absolutely horrible 'house of night books'... speaking of soap operas!!! the things are fucking atrociously written, even worse than twilight, but the ridiculous plotlines make you HAVE to read it, like she has three boyfriends, a human a vampire and a vampire TEACHER whom she loses her virginity to, her best friend is a zombie, everybody loves her, everybody hates her etc. i never watched 90210 [though i SHOULD HAVE] but i imagine it was a lot like this except without the undead parts.

[i blame emily for me buying this]

and did i mention ATROCIOUS writing??? like, multiple mentions of diarrhea in the first book alone? the main character is obsessed with "brown pop"? while running for her life she thinks to herself, "a good pair of ballet flats really DOES work for all occasions?" plus i the writers name is PC Cast which i can only read as  Pubococcygeal Cast.

also me and Emily have the same glasses, i should get a pic sometime. and she wants to do a book review podcast!! i will surely post a link as soon as she does.

stuff and things:

my best boo Amy took me to get my nails done as a bday present. we went to Foxy Nails because it is the most appropriately named place for us. im a bit of a n00b as this was only my 2nd time getting my nails did, and im totally creeped out by being brusquely ordered around by a bunch of asian dudes. i had a new guy for the first half of my mani and he took FOREVER and also built up one of my pinky nails to a gargantuan thickness. the store manager brian worked on the last half of my mani and he was much better, as well as adorable... he had a little plaque with his name on it and little dangly nailpolish charms hanging from his light!! cuteness. all the regulars were cooing over him, he must be the big shit at foxy nails. i was super digging on the florescent, glow in the dark green i got, but these were way long for me even after asking for shorter about four times. ive since trimmed them down to lesbian length and theyre doing nicely. anyone have any recommendations for good nail places in the area? id prefer not to be barked at or asked to leave my purse and coat in a random chair across the salon. also somewhere where they're used to doing more than just french manis, i want something creative and not just WHITE TIP PINK TIP. where do the black ladies get their nails did???

Amyboo has been so good to me lately and while we were shopping at the mall stole me this pillbox from Icing!! there is really nothing more flattering than having something stolen for you. anyone can just buy something. a real friend steals for you. now she just needs to steal me some pills to fill it with...

then we saw a white lady with an amazing badonkadonk and leopard heels and followed her into target trying to take pictures. i saw her later that night at the gas station buying candy for her kid lol!!! im certain we'll meet again, White Lady with Badonkadonk.

i got this purse for my bday from TJ Maxx... by that i mean i treated myself to a new purse. it certainly is shiny and covered with crap, isnt it! i was madly in love with it at first but now, a week later, our relationship has soured. oh you are so pretty, blingy purse... but your chain strap is annoying, loud and wont stay on my shoulder. you make a ton of noise when i set you down on a counter or table. and you have no nice exterior pockets. and your sequin texture feels gross. sigh.

so i am once again in the Eternal Purse Struggle. i cant find good ones anywhere. i went back to TJ Maxx where i usually go when im serious about getting a purse, as they have tons of them usually of the big and sparkley variety. nada that i want right now... they have cute Harajuku Lovers ones but they arent the right size for my needs and a little too childish for what i want right now. maybe what i want is just impossible...? but when i comprimise on the whole pockets and size thing i end up hating the purse and not using it.  this is seriously the hardest thing for me to shop for... other things im less picky about but the purse has to be perfect and user friendly for all my shit. Amyboo and i went to the purse kiosk in the mall where you can get those big, blingy knockoff looking purses and i found some semi-suitable ones, but they're a bit more pricey than the $40 MAX i spend on a good purse [ive only spent that once on a tj maxx purse, my other two expensive ones were in the $30 range] and the salesguy is super clingy and pushy so i didnt get a good look last time. going to check out jc penney's too as they have a pretty big selection and i got my awesome yellow purse there. why is this SO HARD??? anyone have any good purse store suggestions? ive started asking customers and ive heard good things about some boutique stores around the area, but im guessing thats expensive.

from the more satisfying end of the spectrum, on my TJ Maxx venture i also got some awesome clearance shoes!! these Blowfish shoes/booties were only $10 and are super comfortable!! i love how the fabric is bunched into little ruffles around the buttons, it makes it semi-girly. ive been wearing these with cuffed skinny jeans to show off all the buttons. SUPER COMFY, the inside is even all suedey. plus they get an A+ from my NRA-card-carrying dad. for real... he says they're "sharp."

also got another pair of $10 boots, these ones are liz claibornes!  theyre a touch mom-ish [seriously, i need to keep them away from my mom so she doesnt steal them] but im a big fan of strappy things and the mini-wedge is awesome. the squared pointy toe makes them look nice and dressy, makes me feel hawt. cant beat ten bucks, seriously.

ok for reals, i need to go work on my hair. the vampires are waiting.

keep an eye on the tumblr! love you boos!
<3 your blogatrix
Jesika Gothowitz
[OMG SPEAKING OF.....guess who i found on twitter?!?! um just my boyfriend simon helberg.... and my other boyfriend fran kranz.... no big deal just the HOTTEST NERDS ON TV since the original secret boyfriend spencer reid, but everybody likes him and id rather have these two all to myself, thankyouverymuch. now leave us alone, its time for a tagteam science lesson in my bedroom.]

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