Thursday, March 10, 2011

One Sick Puppy

i haz a sick. its not cool. not cool at all. look how much like hammered ass i look. i was feeling so miserable at work i decided to take terrible photos of myself and send them to my friends looking for sympathy. Amy asked if i had a cold sore and was like "wait, what am i looking at here?" thanks dearest. thats really the kind of question i hope my face inspires. just in case youre wondering what i look like without makeup and at my absolute worst, here ya go:

yup. fat. kinda dykey. looking like i want to be shot. wearing my thundercats hoodie cuz i dont give a fuck. my face is breaking the fuck out as if the toxins inside me are trying to escape from this miserable shell they've been trapped in... really its just because ive done nothing but lay in bed and sleep for the last four days and havent done much in the way of showering. thank you, skin. i appriciate the totally random zit in the middle of my cheek where no oil whatsoever is produced. your spontinaety has been noted.

yup thats what ive been doing the last few days... reading like a fiend. i finished 'angelology,' 'are you there vodka, its me chelsea' and 'betrayed.' a good part of that feels like a waste of my time, as much as reading can be a waste. i should really do a book review post... next. my twitter has been filled with much anti-Pubococcygeal Cast ranting, i feel like im educating the masses on the dangers of really shitty young adult novels. seriously, our childrens minds are at stake!! [lol that would be humorous if there were any stakes in this supposed vampire novel... and i refuse to spell that with a 'y']... oh man i just need to do that book post already. tomorrow. hopefully there will be less snot in my head and i can think a little clearer. REALLY hoping today is the worst day and its not going to get even worse still.

just in case you think im an ugly lump now, here are some not so terrible pics of me to raise a beacon of hope that someday i will look like the sexy kind of hot mess again and not the gross, hopeless kind.

i was bored so i did a test of all my mascaras... realized that Last Blast Luxe in the blackened garnet color is absolutely useless and looks like nothing, so i tossed it. i then did Maybellines The Falsies on one eye and One By One on the other and concluded that The Falsies is still my favorite. kind of disappointing when you buy a new mascara only to find its not as good as the old one. thats why its called NEW AND IMPROVED, people. anybody have any mascara tips for me? i have somewhat sparse lashes and i like really black and very defined, not too goopy... i hate it when i get mascara on my lids, as then i have to redo my eyeshadow!

so, i promise you a bookie-wook post in the next day or two. i hope that isnt too boring for you fashionistas out there, gotta balance my chic with my nerdery. peace out, pray for me that i do not succumb to this black death.

jesitrix in her darkest hour

ps-- i have had 'Love Aint No Stranger' in my head all day, i feel like im going insane. IS THERE ANY CURE??

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